iPieta $2.99


  • Design
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Catholicity

iPieta is an incredible iPhone app that puts so much at your finger tips including: the liturgical calendar, common prayers, papal & magisterial writings, writings of the Saints, and more!


  1. Iy is a very complete spiritual companion, I can not believe that for this this low price I have all of these books, prayers, bible, and source of wisdom in my packet. with incredible tools.
    thank you for all the love and effort put into this app. So we can be better catholics and become spiritual warriors.

  2. Please put this on a Windows Phone. Windows Phones are the largest phones in South America and are growing fast.

    Why can't we get good apps? Is someone paying you to avoid Windows Phones?


  1. Rate Us At CatholicApps.com! | IgnioIgnio - [...] iPieta is a great app to try if you’re looking for unqiue prayers and other great Catholic reference items …

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