Mea Culpa – A Catholic Examination of Conscience for Confession Free

Mea Culpa – A Catholic Examination of Conscience for Confession

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This is an incredible app for it’s simplicity, beautiful design, and ease of use! It has a great layout that features a “Dashboard”, “Venial Sins” tab, “Mortal Sins” tab, “Committed Sins” tab, and “Settings” tab.

By organizing the app this way the user can see a list of sins according to their severity and recognize even the smallest sin’s impact on their spiritual life.

This app also boasts a “Confession” mode (found in settings) that allows you to have the rubrics of confession integrate with the sins that you have already identified that you committed.

Lastly, and possibly most useful, it has a “Passcode” function that enables you to lock the app.

Difficult to find “con’s” with this app. But I’ll keep looking!

***Remember, this app is NOT a replacement for the Sacrament of Confession itself!***

A terrific app for any and all Catholics! Intuitive, simple, and gorgeous, thanks Travis for all your hard work!

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Mea Culpa is meant to be an examination of conscience app for Catholics who want to make a sincere confession, and recollect as much as possible.

It is NOT a suitable replacement for the sacrament of confession. You CAN NOT use it to confess via the internet or over the phone.

Mea Culpa categorizes your sins into 3 Tabs, venial sins, mortal sins and committed sins.

A mortal sin consists of :

  • Its subject must be a grave (or serious) matter.
  • It must be committed with full knowledge, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense (no one is considered ignorant of the principles of the moral law, which are inborn as part of human knowledge, but these principles can be misunderstood in a particular context).
  • It must be committed with deliberate and complete consent, enough for it to have been a personal decision to commit the sin.

Once you review your conscience, you can take your iPhone into the confessional, and use it to recall your sins.

If you are a new Catholic, or a lapsed Catholic just returning to the sacrament, you can put the app in “confession mode” in the settings tab, and it will give you a step by step guide to what to say in the confessional.


  1. Is this app available for android?

  2. Can't wait to get it for andiod!

  3. Wish we had it for a Windows phone!

  4. Love, love, love this app. It’s absolutely the best Catholic confession app out there. BUT … it is not available for the Android. When I switched from my iPhone to an Android platform this was easily the app I missed the most. Please someone … write this app for Android users!! There is no app even remotely close for Android users who desire a solid, comprehensive confession app.


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