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Scriptural Rosary App

Is the Scriptural Rosary App the best rosary app? Have a look at our review of the scriptural rosary app to see if it is the best rosary app out there. Is it worth 4.99? I would say yes, for a few reasons. Check our reviews of other rosary apps after you read through. Pros This is a beautiful & prayerful app. It’s...

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iMass App

Pros This app has a LOT of potential – especially in terms of educating and exposing the Faithful to the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy. This app archives and streams the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy as it is celebrated daily by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter at Christ the King Catholic...

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Steubenville Youth Conferences

Pros Cons Overall The biggest “Pro” about this app is the CONTENT – and there is a LOT of content, from Conference Info, to content from Conference Speakers & Musicians, to Videos, and more! This app enables users to interact with both the conference AND other users. Through it’s CONTEST tab. The Contest section...

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