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Ave Maria Radio App : Catholic Radio App

Ave Maria Radio just released a brand new version of their Catholic radio app and it is a completely new user experience. This app provides easy access to their live stream, audio and video on demand, as well as a totally new feature: a the Truth and Life Dramatized audio bible built right into the app! This bible is...

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One of the Best Catholic News Apps – Catholic News Live

Looking for a Catholic News App? Here’s one! Catholic News Live is a catholic news app that allows you to read through all the latest Catholic news from around the world. You can view the news in a list or on a map, and share stories with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other services. You can even send...

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Review of xt3Lent HD Lent App

This Lent app was really difficult to review ahead of lent, all of the days are locked and are only unlocked as the day arrives. There is no skipping ahead in this creative and stunning app. As you can see by the screenshot of the app, it is really beautiful. Lots of lively vibrant photos. That is something that I...

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Daily Readings 2018 – Daily Catholic Readings App

This app provides the daily catholic readings for the Catholic Mass, and it is simply awesome. You can get it for Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone) There is nothing else to clutter your view, distract you or get in the way. They are simply, and elegantly presented to you. The readings are stored locally, so you are not...

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Top 6 Catholic Websites for News

Typical mega media outlets sometimes do not understand religion, especially catholics. It’s getting better, or at the very least it is changing. For example, media outlets are bringing in and relying more and more on guest commentators to give them an accurate reading. For example, Fr. Thomas Rosica (CEO of Sailt+Light...

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