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Amazing Audio Rosary by Gaussian Knights


I do not know about you but I promote the Most Holy Rosary. I simply love the rosary in not only its beautiful prayers but also its deep theology. There are centuries of examples as to why we should all aspire to recite the rosary daily besides the awe-inspiring and Church approved miracles. But for deep spiritual growth and a greater understanding and love of our Lord and Blessed Mother the rosary is essential, and this Rosary App can help you out.

The Rosary Takes Practice

However, the rosary is a devotion that actually takes practice and yes, even graces from God Himself to even consider as it is a time consuming prayer. If you are a Catholic on the go that wants to give the Most Holy Rosary another chance, then you need to download the Audio Rosary by GaussianKnights.

Main Screen of Rosary Audio By Gaussian Knights

By the way, there are countless rosary apps! Many of them are not too bad while some of them lack serious thought in function and structure as well as quality of sound. But one day when I was trying out different apps, I stumbled upon the image above. This app simply blew me away so much so that I made a point to make a holy hour just to recite the rosary guided by this app. I realize this review is slightly on the dramatic side but it is only because of the glorious way these developers assembled this magnificent app.

Background Rosary App Audio

When you open the app, one of two songs are going to flow forth like a smooth wave of peace, either:

1) Gregori an Chant or 2) Ave Maria.

Which you can go into its audio tab to change back and forth if you so choose. The menu on the bottom consists of five buttons:

  • Rosary – Click here when you are ready to choose the mysteries to pray the rosary
  • Learn – Click here to learn the prayers of the rosary, its spiritual benefits, and the 15 Promises of Our Lady for those who recite the daily rosary with true devotion.
  • History – Click here if you want to read a summarized history of the Most Holy Rosary.
  • Audio – Click here if you want to adjust your ambiance experience while you pray the rosary such as, Use Faster Voice, Music Volume, Voice Volume, and Voice Style: Brother (a young man’s voice) or Grandfather (an older man’s voice) as well changing the background song.
  • Settings – Click here for a more in depth alterations in while praying the rosary. In this tab, you can choose to add/remove the Fatima Prayer, the Luminous Mysteries as well as change to font and Mystery delay time.

This may not seem like a lot of choices but if you have looked around at other audio rosary apps, this is a gold mine! It is hard to not be impressed with the incredible audio quality and smooth transitions from one prayer to the next. This actually in many ways creates an actual environment of relaxation and focus to pray the Holy Rosary. With sanctifying music playing in the background, along with the beautiful images depicting the biblical significance of Our Lady’s Psalter.

However, because I am so busy, I hardly find time to sit and make a holy hour like I want. So then, when I find that I am going to be stuck in a rather long car ride then all I need is my rosary and headphones. These two ingredients along with Audio Rosary by GaussianKnights transforms my car into a heavenly chariot. Either way, if you have time or not, thanks to GaussianKnights, we all have time to embrace Our Lady’s Rosary. If you have 4 kids behind you like I typically do, it may be a good idea to share the audio with the kids as well.