One of the Best Catholic News Apps – Catholic News Live


Looking for a Catholic News App?

Here’s one! Catholic News Live is a catholic news app that allows you to read through all the latest Catholic news from around the world. You can view the news in a list or on a map, and share stories with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other services. You can even send stories to Instapaper or Read It Later if you’d like!

CNL displays news from hundreds of different Catholic websites on your mobile device, and lets you view and share news and blog posts directly from the source.

Does That Make a Great Catholic News App?

It means that this app, goes out and draws in news from lots of different sources. News is pulled in from not just news sources, but blogger sources as well. This is great! There are two ways to view the news, ‘Latest’ or via the Map.

The map feature is great! It adds pins to a map that will give you the location of the stories content, or the origin of the article. This feature is great, however, some news sites doesn’t use geolocation, or notes on where the post is about, so the location becomes the location of the news agency and not of the store.

Catholic News Aggregator At It’s Best

Screenshot of today’s news

This app really does deliver a great concept. It pulls in news from all over the website and links and displays the source, right in the app! From the article view you can share the article in all the ways you can within iOS or Android. So for example in iOS, I can add the URL to my reading list or email the link to someone else.

This was well worth the .99, to do the content fetching for me, instead of visiting all of the sides on my own.