Pure Rosary
Stunning in simplicity this rosary app is fantastic. This is the rosary in its very simple focused beauty. Bookmark for later, and or purchase it today, it’s definitely worth it.


Named one of the most beautiful apps of 2012, this Catholic Rosary app is simple and beautiful. This could be what a rosary app would look like if Apple® designed an app for the rosary.

In the year of 2012 the whole Europe fell into a deep financial crisis. All the disappointed citizens looked back to recall some core values. Their beliefs. Faith. Religion. They turned to the rosary in this time of trouble.

PureRosary (Pro) is an extremely elegant and mystical variant of a well known Rosary.
Developed by Sacrify in 2012 provides a beautiful interface, making every prayer an unforgettable experience. This app was nominated for Project of the Year for Polish Design Award.

Here is the promotional video for the app.

  • With some of the basic assets being able to be set by the user:
  • Show the titles of each of the mysteries,
  • Change the colours of the Mysteries
  • You can set it so that the rosary will reset if you shake your device.
  • The developer has also added a vibrate notification with each swipe.

What Pure Rosary Do?

Quite simply it is to help you, the user, focus everything on the prayers of the rosary. And it does that really, really well.

We’ve got a Video review of the app:

It’s so easy to see that this app is dead simple to use.

Simple and Elegant

The Pure Rosary app instructional screen