Steubenville Youth Conferences



The biggest “Pro” about this app is the CONTENT – and there is a LOT of content, from Conference Info, to content from Conference Speakers & Musicians, to Videos, and more! This app enables users to interact with both the conference AND other users.

Through it’s CONTEST tab. The Contest section allows users to upload a photo or video of their testimony about the conference, share it with friends, and potentially be featured in next year’s conference promotional video. Another interactive feature is the UNITED tab which enables users to “check-in” and track their prayer life with others around the country.

You can “check-in” using your Current Location or a nearby parish (yes, the app is pre-populated with nearby parishes!) When you check-in, you can record that you are Praying, Going to Mass, Going to Youth Group, Going to Confession, or Going to Adoration.

Once you log the activity, when you go-to (or use the “+” button on the app) you can see an entire map of the country and check out who else is “United” in Prayer with you.

Finally, if the Conferences themselves weren’t enough, this app has a TOPICS tab which enters you into a world FULL of digital content on ANY topic you would want to learn about: Faith, Sacraments, Morality, Mary, Vocations, and tons more!


With great content comes great responsibility. Currently the app is being populated with content and so while this app promises to be THE go-to resource for youth and adults who love growing in their faith through Franciscan University Youth Conferences, it’s not quite there yet.

By no means does this mean the app is use-less: both the CONTEST and UNITED features are great! And the MEDIA section does have blog posts available. However, it’s not 100% complete.

Another Con for the app is top-level design. It’s just 6 lines of text headers with a seemingly random “+” in the bottom right hand corner. This “+” actually enables you to add testimonies and other faith information (like the UNITED tab) – but there’s not much intuitiveness to it.

To be honest though – I wouldn’t be so hard on the app if I didn’t think FUS could quickly make this app GREAT, I really do love this app.


Great app from the Franciscan University of Steubenville to promote and supplement their Summer Youth Conferences. In fact, it is the perfect companion app for those who attended the conferences (both Youth & Adults alike). I am greatly looking forward to how they continue to improve and add on to this app! Download it TODAY!