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It seems that one of the apps (Laudate)  that we have recommended has had some questions about content recently. (January/February 2021)
I would encourage you to seek the developer on this issue. CatholicApps reviews apps, but we only develop the Saint of the Day for Kids app.
One thing I would suggest though is to always assume the best. Many Catholic developers are working really hard to make their apps successful, as well as provide for themselves and their families. It seems that many parts of the Laudate app come from various other sources. This is likely because of the huge cost of license agreements, as well as editorial costs.
This may have been an oversight from a writer, or even worded in a way that wasn’t the original intent. We all make mistakes, and error in judgements, this may have been an error, or it may not have been. The developers put their heart and soul into helping others, pray for them. I would also encourage you as a praying Catholic, to take up some of that burden of prayer and to pray for the many internet developers and their families who struggle to fulfill what they see as a calling, trust me, I know the profit margins, and even in the wildly successful apps, there aren’t any going home rich. :(
The page that many are referring to, which references Kamal Harris (current Vice President of the United States of America) is content from http://seekfirst.blogspot.com/2021/01/1-27.html?m=1
If you read the comments … there are others that are questioning it as well, some charitable, and many not so charitable.
I encourage you to reach out to the community with great care and charity, ready and willing to offer assistance if needed to help further the sharing of the Gospel message.
Looking on the official app page for Iphone, here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/laudate-1-catholic-app/id499428207