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The Latest Catholic App Reviews

Catholic Droid : A Faithful Android App

This is an app that is aimed at Catholics, and it aims to cover a lot of issues, topics and areas in the Catholic...

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15 Reasons to Love Two Catholic Music Artists

I grew up listening to music on the radio. The radio station in my home was always tuned to a country music station,...

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The Ultimate Relationship

An App for Catholic Evangelization We have all seen John 3:16 at Football games, at soccer games, and on the walls at...

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How to Quickly Boost Your Deep Prayer Life

Why is it so very difficult in our privileged society to be grateful for the countless gifts we have been given?  How...

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DoCat – The Pope gives Worth Youth Day an App

Update: On July 26th, our new DOCAT App will be available to download worldwide! Update 2: Download it...

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Breaking: The Ultimate Video and Audio Rosary App – RosaryTube

It’s a brand new rosary app! The RosaryTube app was released on June 15, 2016. It’s new and right now it...

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Dramatic Black & White App Review

My one the amazing men in my small group study was ordained this week. He was ordained to the transitional Diaconate....

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Mary App: Honouring Mary

This past May, being the month of Mary, I went on a search for THE Mary app.  I was surprised to find a bit of a void...

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Pray: The Catholic Novena App Review (How about a Novena to Mary?)

A brand new Catholic app is out and it makes it so EASY to pray with other Catholics around the world. I have used...

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What to do if you Lose your iPhone? More than just Super Catholic Apps

Recently one of my friends was tricked into buying an iPhone 6 for $50 from a suspicious seller. The iPhone was...

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iRosary: An catholic rosary app for prayer

What makes iRosary so special? For starters it should work on old iPods, iPhones and iPads, it requires iOS 4.3, which...

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How to Pray the Divine Mercy Prayer with a Divine Mercy App

I went looking for a Divine Mercy App (Android and iTunes) by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception (MIC) and I was...

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