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Looking for some fun apps that will keep you laughing or busy. We have a few reviewed here.

Living Bread Radio, Catholic Radio App

Living Bread Radio was created in response to the Second Vatican Council’s call for the laity to evangelize.  It also responds to the call of Pope John Paul II for a New Evangelization and a New Springtime for the Church, as it is using a mainstream tool – the radio – to evangelize. I am very impressed with how they have...

Full Review – Catholic Streaming

There are a number of Catholic movies available on (and it always varies by country and region), but you have to dig a little to find them. What if there was a streaming service for Catholic content, a ‘Catholic Netflix’, wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, there is! And it is called Formed. And...

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Audio Catholic Books

Summary: Take your faith life with you. Are you looking for the best Catholic Audio Book app that is on both the iOS (iPad, iPhone) store, and the Google Play (Android) store? This is an excellent option for those of you who spend hours commuting or really for all of us who are busy with life! First of all, it comes with...

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A Charlie Brown Christmas app

“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?!” – This is the question for Charlie Brown, and the question many people, adults and children alike face each year. Catholic’s even struggle with this, even with all of the Advent symbolism around them, trees, and mangers. With...

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Pope Emoji

Summary: I am going to venture out into the world of texting for this week’s review. The Pope Emoji App Presented by Aleteia and developed by Swyft Media Inc. is a fun and creative way to add life to your texts. If you are a Catholic and you have friends that are Catholic as well you will appreciate this little fun...

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Dramatic Black & White App Review

My one the amazing men in my small group study was ordained this week. He was ordained to the transitional Diaconate. Deacon Michael has been on a great road to this new part of his life. What a dramatic moment, to consecrate yourself to the service of Christ in such a physical way. Speaking of dramatic, it’s moments like...

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Ave Maria Radio App : Catholic Radio App

Ave Maria Radio just released a brand new version of their Catholic radio app and it is a completely new user experience. This app provides easy access to their live stream, audio and video on demand, as well as a totally new feature: a the Truth and Life Dramatized audio bible built right into the app! This bible is...

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One of the Best Catholic News Apps – Catholic News Live

Looking for a Catholic News App? Here’s one! Catholic News Live is a catholic news app that allows you to read through all the latest Catholic news from around the world. You can view the news in a list or on a map, and share stories with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other services. You can even send...

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Catholic Word Search – A review of a great Catholic game

I love games! This is a GREAT Catholic-centric game. It is easy to play! Clearly, I have a few extra minutes in my day if can take time to play. Maybe you do too! Games like word search allow me to clear my mind and refocus after a few minutes. Like a coffee break for my mind.This unique fun game has categories like pope,...

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Description from iTunes: Carry your Faith in your pocket!  The CatholicTV App is a portable ambassador of what is truly good, holy and honorable about the Catholic Church.  Watch the daily Mass, the Holy Rosary, a unique reflection for each day and keep abreast of what’s going on at America’s Catholic Television Network....

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Steubenville Youth Conferences

Pros Cons Overall The biggest “Pro” about this app is the CONTENT – and there is a LOT of content, from Conference Info, to content from Conference Speakers & Musicians, to Videos, and more! This app enables users to interact with both the conference AND other users. Through it’s CONTEST tab. The Contest section...

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CAP 002 – Interview with devs from Devine Office

Great podcast episode featuring an interview with Dane & Mauro from Divine Office app

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