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Occasionally will also include some video reviews. Start by downloading a Swiss Army-type app that comes full of many useful Catholic prayers and special features. One of our most shared posts gives you a great starting point. You can also have a look at an excellent Epic Audio Rosary App. Awesome! You will find some great video walk through of some apps.

Full of Grace Movie Review (Netflix)

Full of Grace is an art-house, indie film about the last days of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Bahia Haifi) on earth. It’s currently available for streaming on Netflix in Canada and the USA. The movie story line flows back and forth between the struggles of Peter (Noam Jenkins) who is facing leadership challenges. The...

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His Holiness Pope Francis TEDTalk

Pope Francis is trending today in the news because of his recently released TedTalk. Filmed at the Vatican, the talk debuted during TED’s international conference in Vancouver on Tuesday (April 25, 2017) evening. There has been a lot of positive media coverage ranging from CNN to Network News. We cover apps, but we also...

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Looking for some uplifting music for your soul? The iCatholicMusic App from The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network (the same apostolate that brought you iCatholicRadio-The #1 Catholic Radio App in the World) allows you to stream music that will inspire you to live the Gospel message and become engaged in the...

Full Review – Catholic Streaming

There are a number of Catholic movies available on (and it always varies by country and region), but you have to dig a little to find them. What if there was a streaming service for Catholic content, a ‘Catholic Netflix’, wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, there is! And it is called Formed. And...

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Pro’s Con’s Overall Incredible app for those who want to stay up to date with the 2013 Conclave to elect our future Pope! Nice clean design and easy to navigate. Really like the Bio’s for Cardinals.  Some features I’d like to see: Push notification for when smoke appears – black or white. Integration with the “Adopt a...

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App Video Comparison- iBreviary app & Devine Office app for Praying the Liturgy of the Hours

Comparing and contrasting two very popular apps for Catholics and their smartphones: the iBreviary app & the Divine Office app OVERALL Both apps are incredible apps that enable you to enter into the prayer-life of the Church through your smart phone.  They are similar in terms of their beauty & ease of use, and...

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