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This is a Rosary ‘app’ for all devices. That’s right, it’s completely universal, and it doesn’t need to be installed or downloaded. What if you have a Windows® phone, a Blackberry, or another older device that just has a browser? This website is the ‘app’ site for you. This is a simple but effective tool to assist you in...

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What to do if you Lose your iPhone? More than just Super Catholic Apps

Recently one of my friends was tricked into buying an iPhone 6 for $50 from a suspicious seller. The iPhone was probably stolen and locked and he thought he would easily unlock it and use it. But, he made a blatant mistake, as that iPhone was reported lost and he couldn’t use it for anything. He could only return it to...

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Update on the App

In a previous post we reviewed the App. There is an update that you need to be aware of. Many of you may already know, but for those of you who do not, has come to a point that has to have their registrations closed (hopefully just for a short time). Here is a copy of the notice from...

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