Chris Padgett is a Catholic speaker, musician, author, ninja, and jack of all trades. In his own words, “I talk and read.” A no frills kind of guy, Chris keeps it simple and stock with his favorite apps:


Honestly, Chris introduced me to this app and I love it! It uses your phone’s GPS to track your runs, walks, cycling, and more! It’s great for tracking your progress (even though I run every 2 months or so) AND it integrates well with other 3rd party apps & products (like a scale)


Flight Track

Chris is a busy traveler and so he needs an app to help him keep his fight info accurate & easily accessible.


Chris is a funny guy! Too bad looks aren’t everything, haha. Follow Chris on instagram at:


Simple & Effective. If you need a flashlight, it’s as near as your smartphone! I’ve included 2 apps here, one that uses the iPhone Screen and another that uses the Camera Flash – both are free!

Flashlight (using LED Screen)

Flashlight (using Camera Flash)

Stock Apps

Some apps that help Chris stay focused (which can be a challenge):

  • Calculator (don’t forget landscape mode gives you a more robust calculation tool)
  • Alarm (with Marimba Alarm sound)
  • Twitter (@chrismpadgett)

Connect with Chris

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Instagram @chrispadgett

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