On Today's Podcast...

I’ll be discussing our site catholicapps.com, the mission & vision behind it.

I’ll also be sharing an interview I had with the creators of one of my FAVORITE Catholic apps – IGNIO app.

And lastly I’ll be looking for YOUR feedback on today’s show and ideas for more Catholic App awesomeness, ENJOY!


Alright, that was a quick shout out to our friends at Surgeworks creators of the Divine Office App – an incredible app for praying the Liturgy of the Hours while on the go. Check them out at https://catholicapps.com/divine-office-audio-prayer-liturgy-of-the-hours-of-the-roman-catholic-church/

So, let me take this opportunity and introduce to you Catholic Apps.com:

Catholicapps.com is a ministry of Catholic Worship Online that is dedicated to bringing together app developers and end users into a community that fosters evangelization and spiritual growth in the Church.

And the way we bring everyone together is through the site catholicapps.com and focusing primarily on highlighting great apps that you can use for your smartphone or desktop. We also give YOU the opportunity to rate your apps and comment on them to give feedback to the developers. There’s also a forum that you can take advantage of to ask questions or submit ideas for new apps.

Besides showcasing individual apps, we also try to compare and contrast various apps to give YOU the opportunity to see where an app fits on in your prayer life. For instance if you go to our video’s section you’ll see a video comparison of the iBreviary app & Divine office app for praying the liturgy of the hours. More of those to come in the future.

That’s the overview of the website, I do want to encourage you to sign up for our mailing list so that you can enjoy exclusive member benefits such as app release news, special offers/discounts on apps, BETA testing opportunities and more.

Alright, as another branch of catholicapps.com this podcast will feature more app highlights by talking with app developers themselves and getting some insight into why the app was created and even some useful tips about the apps themselves. This episode we are joined by Flip & Jonathan from Ignio you can find them at https://catholicapps.com/ignio/ enjoy!



Thanks again for checking out the [email protected] podcast, we’re really excited to kick this off! We have a few interviews lined up with people like Dane & Mauro from Divine Office app as well as Jason from Austin Catholic New Media so be sure to check out the podcast in the future.

Also, we’re looking for YOUR feedback. If you have any apps you think we should check out, or if you have questions let us know! You can send us an e-mail at: catholicapps@gmail.com or call our hotline at 1-843-284-3292 and let us know you’re leaving feedback for the [email protected] podcast.

Don’t forget to visit catholicapps.com and rate & comment on your favorite app and sign up for the newsletter, God bless!