iMass App



This app has a LOT of potential – especially in terms of educating and exposing the Faithful to the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy. This app archives and streams the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy as it is celebrated daily by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter at Christ the King Catholic Church in Sarasota, FL.

The video quality it GREAT both in terms of production (it looks like a professionally televised mass, not just a web cam perched in the choir loft), AND depending on your bandwidth it streams in HD!

For me, this app is great because of what lies beyond the obvious use for watching the Extraordinary form of the Liturgy streamed. This app also features a Missal and a Breviary. The Missal, in my opinion, is HUGE! From what I can tell, this missal reflects those little Red Books that you get when you go to a Church celebrating the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy that has all the prayers of the mass in both Latin and English so you can follow along.

2 big thumbs up for making this available on smart phones! Lastly, I love a good sermon, and this app features sermons from the pastor and assistant pastor. I’m not sure how regularly they are updated, but nonetheless it’s solid!

NOTE: When you click on a Sermon to listen to it, the app itself kind of “blinks” and starts playing the audio in the background, and some audio is quiet until 10-20 seconds into the recording when the priest starts talking. Listen carefully, wait, and when you want to end playback just exit out the app.


Like I said, this is a great app for experiencing the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy. While it’s top-level design is nice and easy to navigate, upon entering into the content itself like the Missal & the Breviary there are a few quirks: The Missal & Breviary appear to be Web-Apps that take you to a website for the most up to date information on the daily prayers.

The site itself is not much to look at. Secondly, the view defaults to landscape mode, and cannot be changed. This makes reading and following the prayers during mass a little more difficult since the text is formatted in such a way that you find yourself constantly scrolling.

As I mentioned before, the Sermons and Recordings are great in and of themselves, however the playback feature could use a tweak to make it more obvious that you have actually started playback.

These “Con’s” are more like suggestions to make the app better. They in no way take away from the app’s effectiveness in doing what it was created to do – helping the faithful experience the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy.


Great app from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Again, I cannot thank them enough for making the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy so accessible through this app. Definitely worth the download!