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Laudate includes many awesome resources such as an interactive Rosary, Daily Readings, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Roman Missal changes, and the NAB and Douay-Rheims versions of the bible – all in a simple to navigate layout. But what makes this app shine for me is the HUGE selection of prayers – in both Latin and English! They are sorted into intuitive groups such as the “Marian Group” and “Mass Group” and you can even create your own folder of “My Prayers” to easily access your favorites. The font size and color scheme are customizable, and there are six language options. The developers are also constantly updating this app, providing a huge selection of up to date, bug-free content.
While Laudate has so many resources, this means that some resources will be less than useful or appealing. The Catechism from St. Charles Borromeo and the Liturgy of the Hours both display web-content in the app, which makes for a harder to read interface. And both versions of bible require a web connection and are not searchable, making scrolling through chaptersthe only option for browsing. These “cons” aren’t major issues, however.
Laudate is a fantastic single-source app for a variety of Catholic needs. But what makes this app truly shine is it’s price-tag: free. There’s no excuse not to download this gem, even if it’s just for the prayer content. There is so much available for the faithful smart-phone user that I recommend it to everyone. And once you download it, you’ll definitely find it to be an important tool in your Catholic app arsenal.
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  1. The link to the daily scripture readings is not working.

    • Which link isn’t working. Both of the links go to the appropriate store above. I’ld love to help out in any way I can.

    • It does. You need internet to access it

  2. I have been using this app for some time now and all of a sudden I am having issues, please advise.

  3. I <3 !!! It would be awesome if you had a desktop version as well. 🙂

    • I would give a 5 star rating if I could get this app for Windows. When will it be available?

      • You would need to contact the developers. It is a great App though!

  4. I had this app when I was using an Android system. I cannot find this app for Windows. Is there one available? How can I get it?

    • I don’t think that it is available on the Windows Phone platform yet.

  5. Would have loved this app on Windows App

  6. When saying the interactive Rosary, the button to go back and forth during the prayers is too close to the button to exit. also I cannot find the prayer said at the end of the Rosary in the list of prayers. I’ve been looking for that prayer for a long time because we used to say it before the Rosary and we called it “Prayer before the Rosary”. I finally scrolled down farther and found it after the “Hail Holy Queen”. What is the name of this prayer? Can it be found in the list of prayers so I can book mark it?

  7. Please what alternative does Windows have for the catholic android app laudate. I recently started using Windows and will like an app I can download this lent to assist my prayer life and faith. Thanks

    • App requested for windows 10 phone

  8. When are you going to have it gor Windows devices? Winfows 10….

  9. Can you get laudate app on Microsoft phone

  10. Why is a Protestant bible used sometimes? NKJV was used for today’s bible quote.

  11. I already have Laudate on my phone. would love to have it my


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