Scriptural Rosary App
We review the scriptural rosary app this week. It’s got Catholic App written all over it, PLUS it has an Apple Watch component too!


Is The Scriptural Rosary App The Best Rosary App?

Have a look at our review of the scriptural rosary app to see if it is the best rosary app out there. Is it worth $6.99? I would say yes, for a few reasons. Check our reviews of other rosary apps after you read through.


This is a beautiful & prayerful app. It’s beauty comes from both it’s prayers/scripture selections and the artwork used in the app itself.

Praying the Rosary while meditating on a small selection of Scripture at each recitation of a “Hail Mary” is extremely intimate and prayerful. The user interface is clean and easy to use.

WIFI Sharing!

One interesting feature is a small button that looks like a “wifi” icon in the middle of the screen (once you begin praying the Rosary).

This button is actually a Share button that enables you to share the Scripture verse of that part of the Rosary via a multitude of social networks & other applications including: E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Evernote, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more! I think this is a great feature for sharing Scripture with others while you pray.

There are some new features that have been added lately:

  • Night Theme for easier reading in dark or dimly lit environment
  • Select random mysteries from the Mysteries selection screen
  • OpenDyslexic font support
  • Hide scripture option in Settings screen

Scripture Verses To Aid You In Each Hail Mary

Meditate more deeply on each mystery with the scripture verses from Douay-Rheims, Knox Bible, NAB, and many more.

Other Settings that you can change are: Choose Scripture Translation: New American Bible, Douay-Rheims, or Biblie de Jerusalen Turn on/off Luminous Mysteries Turn on/off Latin Prayers.

Daily Reminder

Encourage yourself to pray the rosary daily with the daily reminder feature.

Daily reminders can be set in the app to keep you on top of your prayer life.

Scriptural Rosary looks great on Apple’s iWatch. Catholic Apps on the watch are hard to come by, but this makes good use of the space.

Scriptural Rosary looks great on Apple’s iWatch. The type is clear and large enough to read.


For a Rosary app, there’s not much to say in terms of “Con’s”. It’s very straight forward. If I had to pick out Con’s, they’d be more like suggestions: Add more artwork to the individual “beads” of the Rosary itself Add audio so users can listen to the Scripture Readings and the recitation of the Rosary while driving.

See It In Action

You likely want to see it in action before you dive right in to buying the app, here you go!


Terrific app. Simple, yet powerful. It is a great way to enter more deeply into the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and Scripture. Pray it TODAY!

Read the iTunes Description

This app is a great way of praying the Rosary, because each Hail Mary is preceded by short scripture verses. These promote meditative prayer; it is easier to keep focused on each mystery.

You can choose between the Knox Bible, the New American Bible, or Douay-Rheims Bible according to your preference.

If you forget which mystery to pray, do not worry because the app will automatically show the correct mystery for each day of the week.

Instead you can manually choose any one of the four mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous and pray it as and when you wish.

To give you a better reading experience, it is possible to adjust the font size to display the prayer.

You can continue right where you left off, if you get interrupted, because the app will save the place where you stopped.

If you prefer to have the prayers in Latin, they are also included in the app.
You may wish to disable the Luminous mysteries and can do so from the Settings.
To encourage yourself to pray the rosary more often, there is a daily reminder feature.

If you prefer audio, activate the built-in audio feature or you can also record your own voice or your loved ones while reciting the Scriptural Rosary.
Include your petitions or thanksgiving within the app while praying the rosary with the custom opening or closing text feature.

You can even pray the rosary in a group with friends nearby, the screens synchronize between the devices by way of Bluetooth or WiFi.
The following languages are supported: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Indonesian.

This is a universal app so you only need to download get this app to be used on both iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices.

Please pray for the holy souls in Purgatory and for me, as I continue to develop Catholic apps.

This is an amazing app, but we have a couple of other Rosary Apps reviewed, check them all out.