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Shalom World App Review by CatholicApps.com
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SHALOM WORLD is a free 24/7 Family entertainment TV streaming app, broadcasting live channels and on-demand videos.

With Shalom World you can:

Watch inspirational and vibrant programs anywhere at anytime.
Have access to an ever-growing library of Video on Demand from your favorite Shalom World TV programs. Shalom World Makes it easy to share all your favorite programs with your friends through Facebook, Twitter etc.

Let Shalom World be your source of informative, vibrant, entertaining and inspirational programming, for every age and every place.

Change what you watch and, watch the world change !

You can read more, and listen to the testimonials of these and many more on the Shalom World Website.

Amazing content. That is how I would describe the content on Shalom World TV’s apps. I first encountered Shalom World a few years ago, when Saint Mother Theresa was being g beatified. And now with, Carlos Acutis being beatified on Oct 10, 2020, they have again come across my news feed. Shalom World has been dependable for carrying the live services of beatification from all over the world, as well as daily live mass. More than that they expand their content repeatedly.

Here Are a Few Highlights

Real Men

A new show, Real Men, focus light on the struggle of many men in today’s world. Modern culture and the digital world presents a twisted concept of sexuality and human worth, leading men to make poor choices. Shalom World and Real Talk International presents the new talk series – ‘Real Men’ that help men understand the amazing gift of sex, love and relationships. Hosted by Paul Ninnes, the brave and engaging conversations with the experts reveals the truth about human sexuality in the way God designed it to be.

Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration – PANDEMIC SERIES –  Let’s lift our hands and kneel before the Blessed Sacrament in praise and worship with people from around the world, for healing and deliverance from the coronavirus. Join Shalom World to adore the Lord in the ‘Pandemic series Eucharistic Adoration’ and to pray for the sick, the deceased and the frontline health workers.

There is so much more to see, download the app and have a look.

More than just entertainment Shalom World educates, and fills you with hope.

A wide range of programs are offered on demand. You can use your local WiFi or Data connection.

Dive deeper into your faith with Shalom World Shows and content. If you have any sort of smart TV, you will be able to stream it from your device to your TV. Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, AppleTV, AndoidTV, and more.

Shalom World App Watch Life News Videos and on Demand content

Shalom World App Review by CatholicApps.com

Shalom World App Review

Shalom World TV is an awesome catholic channel, their app allows you to watch on almost any device.


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