My Stations of the Cross


The season of Lent is typically a time when we turn to adding more prayer to our daily lives, but this year that isn’t the case. As I write this review, the season of Easter is concluding and we are heading towards pentecost and of course summer time.

Summer can be a time when our prayer lives even take a holiday it seems. Adding this Stations of the Cross app to my chest of resources for prayer is sure to give me just one more tool in my Catholic prayer belt.

It’s free, so I think you can add it to your chest of prayer resources on your phone (aka in your pocket), so that if you are ever waiting in the car to pick up one of the kids, waiting in line at the DMV, or even at the doctor’s office waiting, you can pull this app out and give it a quick read. Sometimes, as the Pope says, in prayer we don’t need to say anything and just being present is enough.

The Easy Access

The Stations of the Cross Pocket Edition app is going to be great for not letting my prayer life take a holiday.

The developer’s description on why the stations are important refers to Pope Francis’ love for the stations.

8 Awesome Reasons to add the Stations of the Cross to your Prayer Life

1. They Allow Us to Place Our Trust in Him
2. They Put Us into the Story
3. They Remind Us That Jesus Suffers with Us
4. They Compel Us to Action
5. They Helps Us Make a Decision for or Against Christ
6. They Reveal God’s Response to Evil in the World
7. They Give Us the Certainty of God’s Love for Us
8. They Guide Us from the Cross to the Resurrection

There Are Only Really Two Components To This App

The text and prayer for each station.

Each station is just a side swipe away, and at each station there is a mediation and the the prayers for that particular station. The backdrop to this wonderful prayers is beautiful artwork for the passion of Jesus.


Each of the stations can be shared to social media, email, or just about any other means for sharing. The social sharing isn’t critical for me. It is great to have it there, to be able to share the app, but it isn’t a deal breaker.

In prayer apps that have social integration, I find it hand to be able to encourage others to get into this app or prayer. The sharing of this app gives the meditation and then a link to the app on the app store. That’s handy. No messing around with searching to find it.

Other Apps

The developer has several other apps in the app store, and now you can launch them from in the app directly. Nice. Thank you! We will aim to have reviews of this developers’ other apps down the road.

I can say that I would recommend this app to everyone, young and old. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t need to be ‘online’ or download large add ins. It is simple, beautiful and easily prayed.

I’d love to hear what you think. Have you tried it out?