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The Mass Explained app, isn’t like any other app that I have used. The depth, research, and presentation within this VERY Catholic mass app make it a beautiful resource for anyone who is seeking a deeper and better understanding of the Catholic faith. What a delight to use, and a what an incredible resource for learning about the Catholic Mass.

The Catholic Mass is the source and summit of our Faith, but few are aware of what it all means. While cradle Catholics may know the prayers and responses said in the liturgy, many do not know their significance or historical development.

The Mass Explained iPad app (App store, Google Play) is a multimedia journey through the Catholic Roman Catholic Mass. It breaks down and explains with images, video, and text each part of the liturgy, explaining prayers, gestures, and symbols. The app has been reviewed by priests and scholars, the app received a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. It’s also faithful to the Magisterium. It has scriptur references, quotes from the Church Fathers, the Catechism and excerpts from councils and encyclicals. If you are looking for an app for the daily readings, or a missal app, Laudate this isn’t it.

This is the Mass explained app on a tablet with the cover screen. As you can see a lot of work went into the detail and beauty.

In addition to the hundreds of photographs, drawings, charts and graphs that make for a visually stunning user experience, the Mass Explained iPad app (App store, Google Play) contains several interactive elements:

    Feel like you are there. The Mass Explained app abounds in stunning panoramic images of towering cathedrals, inspiring pilgrimage sites and ancient historic excavations all influential in the development of the liturgy. Tap on the panorama button and a full-screen image will load. Freely navigate the 360° space by swiping in any direction. Pinching will zoom in and out.

The Catholic Mass app contains lots of depth, things to touch and immerse yourself into, while learning.

    Rotate meticulously rendered liturgical vessels and ancient artifacts.
    The works of the masters help illustrate the evolution of the Mass.
    Explore possible Emmaus sites, follow Paul’s missionary journeys, discover where saintly relics are venerated today.
    Prayers in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English as well as Gregorian chants and other liturgical music take center stage.
    Often incorporating 3D animations, the videos shed light on various aspects of the Eucharistic Celebration.
    “God is in the detail.” Explore the intricacies of medieval illuminations and marvel at the brushwork of the great masters. To show the rich detail, select paintings in the Mass Explained app have a “pinch to zoom” icon. Tap once on the orange icon and it will vanish indicating that the painting has been engaged. Pinch anywhere on the image to zoom. Pan with a single finger. Once done, double tap on the image. The painting will scale back to its original size and the orange icon will reappear.
    Reviewed by priests and scholars, the app received a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. It is faithful to the Magisterium.

At we have reviewed a lot of apps, that were great at the time, but were limited in their scope for whatever reason. Well, here’s an opportunity to benefit from a resource that doesn’t suffer from those limitations, and that, like television or video series from Bishop Robert Barron, or others of the same high caliber, should be a model for anyone seeking to produce engaging and substantive catechetical and evangelical materials.

Being able to do something like flip a coin to see the other side is what sets this app apart from all the others

The Cost

Like most of the people I have shared this app with, you are going to comment on the price. Let’s get that out of the way. The cost of the app is work this resource. The trust that you can put into this is weighted on the research and the engagement level that it contains. Sure you can find lots of downloadable PDF’s on the internet written by many helpful people, but this app (book really) is stunning visually and in its content. There are visuals in this book that you just can’t find anywhere else. Have a look at this video.

What devices will run the Mass Explained App?

iPad: Apple iPad 2 or newer running iOS v9 or greater. Will not work on first-generation iPads.
Android Tablet: Tablet must run Android 4.1 or newer. A 7″ or larger screen suggested.

Will It Help Me

Studies have shown that the majority of the population are visual learners, I know that I am. Representing information with images allows them to focus on meaning, make better use of their visual memory and recall the presented information easier. The author clearly took these findings into consideration when writing and designing the app.

The Mass Explained app (App store, Google Play) contains several hundred photographs, drawings charts, maps, graphs and tables. None of them gratuitous—each chosen to help support and illustrate the text.

The added benefit of so many images is that they help create a visually stunning publication that is as informative as it is a joy to read. A book does no good when it is sitting on a shelf. This “book” invites the reader to learn more about the beauty and history of the sacred liturgy.

My third oldest child is going through their first sacraments this year, and this app will be a part of helping them understand what is going on, and the magnitude and depth of the faith that they are entering!! This Catholic Mass app will be a great addition to the parish teachings.


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    When does the Liturgy of the Eucharist get added to the app?

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